You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers!

Can I take courses in more than one discipline?

Yes, you can take certain courses from other disciplines, depending on the class availability and scheduling. These classes are available at a reduced a la carte rate.

How are the arts integrated into the overall curriculum?

The curriculum is organized with both weekly lecture and practicum classes each semester. These are considered “lab” or “applied lessons,” and the details of those are determined by the individual professors. The curriculum covers a broad array of issues relating to the specific art, such as the history, theology, and cultural views of art, as well as practical application itself in the lab hours and additional activities.

Are there opportunities for students to gain teaching experience or mentorship within their discipline?

Each arts discipline will delve into the teaching skills and strategies in the second year classes. However, the specialized Leader Certificate will include additional service hours and training to further prepare students for teaching positions. In addition to that, there will be opportunity for students to be involved in the Conservatory side of RSA, which will offer private lessons and classes to elementary, middle and high school aged students.

Are there opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration between visual, musical performance, and culinary arts students?

Yes, there will often be opportunities for joint ventures with the three disciplines at RSA such as concerts, exhibits, and community events.

Are there opportunities for students to perform in ensembles or solo recitals, or adjudications?

Yes, there will be end of the semester performance opportunities and evaluations, as well as involvement in community choral and instrumental events. Musical and visual arts adjudications will also be included throughout the semester.

Can students receive feedback and guidance from faculty members in their chosen field?

Yes! Each faculty member at RSA is eager to equip their students with all the resources and information to further their learning experience and prepare for a future in the arts. Faculty are available for evaluations, individual study recommendations, and career planning advice.

Are there opportunities for students to collaborate with local artists, chefs, or performers?

In addition to the community service opportunities available to students within the church, there are also a variety of ways to be involved in the arts in the larger context of the West Monroe/Monroe area, such as the Downtown Art Crawl, art and food festivals, and local theater opportunities.

Does RSA provide housing for students?

No, there are no student dorms at RSA. However, RSA will provide a list of Church of the Redeemer families who are interested in housing students in their home. Those arrangements, including cost, etc, are settled by the church member and the student, and will be unique to their situation.

Can students live in their own apartment?

Yes, students may choose to live on their own, or coordinate with another student as a roommate.

Are there scholarships available?

No, not at this time. However, the schedule is organized to allow students to work part-time if they choose in order to provide for their needs.

Can I work while attending school?

Yes! Students are encouraged to find part time work, according to their schedules.

What is the student to faculty ratio?

At this time, we estimate that number to be 6:1 for our inaugural year.

Can I attend a different church other than Church of the Redeemer while I am a student?

An essential component of the RSA vision is incorporating students into the body of believers at CotR. Learning opportunities continue outside of the classroom, in the relationships and activities of the church. Therefore, students are heartily welcomed and are expected to embrace the church life of CotR while attending RSA.

Do I need to be Presbyterian in order to attend RSA?

No, there is no requirement to be a member of a Presbyterian church in order to be a student at RSA. However, students will need to be able to affirm and sign our Statement of Faith found on our website, which clearly lays out the beliefs and expectations of the school.

What is the cost of tuition?

The semester fee for the certificate programs is $4,500. Additional a carte classes range from $1200- $900.