Established in 2024, Redeemer School of the Arts was born from the heart and vision of Church of the Redeemer in West Monroe, Louisiana. As the creative culture developed at Church of the Redeemer, including the creation of a school-aged community choir program, yearly summer music camp, various folk dances, and cooperation with community orchestra and fine arts events, the need for an advanced and dedicated program of the arts for higher education became apparent. Not only would this meet the need of the post high school graduates who wished to pursue a Biblical education in the arts, but also for worshipers of all ages who share a desire to delve further into a study, and training, of the arts as an outpouring of worship to the Creator.

There is no better place to engage in the arts, than in the context of the Church, which has long been a repository and generator of the most lasting and beautiful art in history. Reclaiming a rightful view of art, not only the mechanics and structures, but also its purpose and promise, is the central mission of Redeemer School of the Arts.


  • We are committed to delivering a robust and faithful arts education with highly trained masters in each discipline.
  • We equip students to use their talents to the glory of their Creator, using their skills as an act of worship.
  • We provide a nurturing and fulfilling environment to explore personal creativity, within a Biblical framework that provides the right and true uses of art.
  • We encourage and inspire students to create a culture of art that stands in contrast to the unbelieving art world, renewing and reclaiming it to God’s glory.
  • We use a multi-level teaching approach to each discipline, exploring the history, theology, and implementation of each art emphasis.
  • We create a safe, positive learning environment that fosters both individual growth, and growth within a community.

Who Are We ?

Redeemer School of the Arts is an immersive creative arts program that offers a one and two year Arts Certificate in one of three disciplines: culinary, performing, and fine arts. In addition to the Arts Certificates, there is a third certificate available through an advanced program especially for those students seeking leadership training, the Leadership Certificate of the Arts. This track is geared for pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and others who wish additional training in building thriving art programs in their own communities and churches.

One of the most unique and essential components of the RSA model is the incorporation of students into a thriving body of believers for the duration of their schooling. Working alongside members of the church, living in homes, participating in a lively community with ample opportunities to minister and be ministered to, RSA nurtures the creative spirits of each student while ensuring that the individual isn’t lost in the crowd. Students often live with host families, with an opportunity to be incorporated into a home, sharing meals and time with believing families. Students may also live in their own apartments, or with roommates. Students are encouraged to be involved in community life, and to seek part-time employment if they wish.

With small student to faculty ratios, each class is tailored to the needs and schedules of the students and teachers. Most will meet two to three times a week, either in person or remotely, with frequent labs, private lessons, and workshop styled seminars. Each year consists of two terms, and three core classes in each term, in addition to several 8 week long mini courses.